Cam Pak

Weekly Relationship Check-in — The 7 Questions • 1 min read

If you want a satisfying relationship that withholds nothing and honors Christ, take some time with your spouse or significant other to ask these questions every week. I know that asking these questions from the beginning of my relationship with Hannah has provided a solid foundation and culture of trust and love.

The 7 Questions

Jefferson Bethke and his wife provided the template to these questions.

  1. What was one thing that brought you joy this week?
  2. What was one thing that was hard this week?
  3. What is one specific thing I can do for you this week?
  4. How can I pray for you this week?
  5. Is there anything that’s gone unsaid, convictions, confessions or unresolved hurt?
  6. What’s a dream or desire or thought that’s been on the forefront of your mind this week?
  7. How are we doing, stewarding, and feeling about our finances (we only ask this one about every 4-6 weeks)?

— from Cam Pak, an intentional husband