Cam Pak

Sabbath & Rest • 2 min read

Currently reading through the book "Reclaiming Rest" by Kate H. Rademacher. Here are some quotes that stand out to me:

"The gift and discipline of rest help remind us that we are not God." (p. 3)

"Week after week, Sabbath serves as an important reminder that people cannot fix or save the world on our own; the Sabbath pierces my illusion of my self-reliance and control." (p. 7)

"God told the people that they needed to learn to rest because "whatever you can't rest from, you're a slave to." To be God's people is to be free, and we can't be free without rest." (p. 70)

I've come to realize how much rest was lacking in my life lately and how connected and distracted I've been. There's a better way. I do not rest for rest's sake. I rest in order to notice God at work. I rest because I know I have limits. I rest because it is sinful to not rest. I rest because my trust is in God and not in myself. At least …these are the reasons why I want to rest.

From that rest, I can better love God and love people.

God, teach me how to rest well. Show me the way of living in Shabbat Shalom. I have all I need, and it is well with my soul.

— from Cam Pak, a learner of the Sabbath