Cam Pak

Mindfully Plan the Day • 2 min read

How does productivity and ADHD go hand and hand?

How do I get all I want to get done, when it's so easy to get overwhelmed and distracted? It's not like those with ADHD cannot focus. In fact, they can focus incredibly well on things that are interesting. How do we make it easy to focus on the things that matter most?

Some quick tips to consider:

How I plan my day

My daily planning consists of counting the 30min free spaces in my calendar. I had 10 today. Depending on the amount of energy I have in the day, I will slash that number in half or in thirds. So, let's take 10 divided in half into 5. I have capacity to do five good, focused pomodoros.

Then, I pull in tasks from the inbox or the monthly log into today, as long as they are important and urgent and can fit into the 5 Pomodoros that I have available. If they cannot fit, they can wait.

Then, I follow the Pomodoro Method to get things done in a focused and calm manner.

Plan your day mindfully, so that you can focus on the things and people that matter most.

— from Cam Pak, a mindful daily planner