Cam Pak

Don't "Embrace the Shine"

Cam Pak

I have a tendency to be 100%, all-in on things one day and then the next day forget the passion I once had and pursue another shiny thing. Can't tell you how many times I've done that with productivity apps.

Usually it happens like this. I have a productivity method/app that I use for a while, and it works well. It's invisible and there when I need it. Like, the Bullet Journal method. Then, I either get physically sick or stressed because lack of boundaries and my desire to people please. So, I feel like life is out of balance. (Because it is.) Then, I'm presented with some sort of app or tool that promises productivity and life balance: the thing I'm hurting for in that moment.

The problem is that I had a boundaries problem and not a tool problem.

No one really talks about the cost of switching productivity tools or adding in new tools to your daily workflow. There's a life cost to switching.

When Tana Inc told me to "embrace the shine," I decided to try out their app. It's very similar to the app I already used called WorkFlowy. It does things slightly differently, though. I thought it was cool at first. Simple at first and complex by desire. I made it complex fast. I wanted to put every single task in there. Every single person, note, thought, idea, etc. I figured documenting all those things would fix the issue I was facing of overwhelm and anxiety.

It didn't.

It only made things more complex, because when I wanted to reach for a note, I couldn't access it the way I was used to. My whole workflow and process was different than what this app brought. So, when I went back to my defaults, I realized that switching and adding this tool without prior thought and planning made things in my life more complex rather than doing what the tool seemed to promise.

In the end, I didn't need to embrace the shiny. I needed to embrace what I had.